Thursday, 15 November 2012

Kasese Humanist Primary School Update: Finally Some Good News From Uganda!

Well after hearing the horrible news coming out of Uganda about the Kill the Gays bill getting passed and coming into effect in the new year, I was happy to get the latest update from Bwambale Robert.

Bwambale is the Project Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda, where children are educated free of religious dogma.  Maybe someday soon they can help rid the country of oppressive laws based on squeamish puritanical views on human sexuality.

Speaking of sex, the school bought their first cock!   By which I mean rooster.  So there's some good news.

Not to mention, new computers have been donated by an Australian university and the school is getting a tank to collect fresh rain water.  More good news!

First, some background for those just joining the blog.  Through the generous donations of many, we were able to raise enough money for him to construct and fill a chicken coop to provide nutritious meals to his students.

Over the last few months I've been following the chicks Bwambale bought as they developed into adult egg-producing chickens.  Here's Bwambale's latest update on this project and other important developments at the school.

The Poultry Project

The school recently bought a cock (rooster for breeding purposes) for their newly built chicken coop.
Local chickens and the new cock.

Hope you are doing fine. This is a brief update in regard to the KHPS poultry project. 
I have procured a cock that will be in position to mate with the chickens so as to realize the eggs . Some of the chickens, especially the local breeds housed in the ground floor of the coop, will be ready to have the eggs possibly in a month's time. 
I attaching a series of photos showing the acquired cock, the chicken and some relevant receipts in my day to day operations of this project. 
In more days to come I will begin putting boxes in the Ground floor to shelter the chicken eggs laid and will keep you posted.
Well, I suppose we all know what came first.  In this case, it's the chickens.

School Computers and Library

Swinburne University in Melbourne is working with the school to provide the children with practical computer skills. I'm not sure if they have access to the Internet yet, but I believe the eventual goal is the ability to access online resources such as Wikipedia and talk with other children across the world.
I am also informing the general public to keep track of all events taking place at the school by visiting the school website. 
Right now the school computer room has been furnished with computers courtesy of Swinburne University based in Australia. 
The school library is also going to have a face lift where work is going to be done on fitting book shelves and library furniture so that the children can be in position to access all the school reading materials.
The school site has been revamped.  Go take a look at the school's blog post Swinburne University donates computers to KHPS for many more pictures and information on this development.

This is all part of an initiative by the university called the Curly Questions Project.  From the KHPS website:
The Kasese Humanist Primary School is working jointly with Swinburne University Faculty of Media designs in a project termed as Curly Questions Project which entirely aims at engaging the children at KHPS to ask any science question and receives answers from Swinburne University students.
This is a very encouraging development which may in some small way counteract some of the negative developments in Uganda.  Again, read more about this on the school's blog here.

A Water Tank and Data Projector

A water tank to harvest rain water is also going to be worked on in a few days ahead and a procurement of this tank has been made. 
The school right now has acquired a Data Projector which will serve at different occasions like at school functions, showing videos and presentations to students. 

Finally, A Big Thank You!

All these have been made possible by the schools receipt of funds from Swinburne University and Foundation Beyond Belief. 
I entirely thank free thinkers all over the world for supporting my cause and its my request to whoever happens to visit Uganda to try and visit physically the school and say a word of encouragement to my students.

Yours in free thought,
Bwambale Robert

Well there you have it!  Some good news coming out of Uganda!

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