Saturday, 3 November 2012

Kasese Humanist Primary School - Update

Local breed of chicken.
It's been awhile since I heard from Bwambale Robert, Project Director of the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda.

To fill in new readers, back in July this blog had a fundraiser to build a chicken coop to provide eggs for the school.  With the help of PZ Meyrs, Canadian Atheist and many others we were able to make our goal and the coop got built!

Since then, we've been watching the chicks grow into egg laying chickens.  Well, we're almost there.  Here's Robert's update about the school and the chicken situation!

Hope everything is okay on that end.

Some expenditures.
I apologize for the silence and the reason for this has been due to too many tasks I am working on right now as this is a hectic term of closing the year.

Our students in P.7 class are going to sit for their final primary leaving examinations scheduled for Monday 5th and Tuesday 6th November. Also the entire school will be off for holidays with effect from 30th this month.

There was a power failure at the school for four days. The electric pole that serves the school had rotted and was replaced back yesterday.  So to provide the light in the coop, we spent four days having total darkness at the school while I had to fit a lantern to favor the chickens feeding at night.  But right now electricity is back at the school.

The chickens are doing well, growing gradually and some of the local breed chickens will, in a months time, begin to release some eggs.  I am in preparations to buy a good breed of cock to mate with the hens to realize the eggs.

Am attaching a few expenditure receipts in regard to the purchases and I only missed the receipt of some sack of chicken feed as the dealer had his receipt book finished.
You can see the blue lantern inserted into the coop to
provide light to the chickens during the outage.

It's unfortunate that the P.7 pupils might miss tasting on the eggs of this project.  But I know when they come to collect their results early in January 2013, we shall have some eggs to give to them.

I thank all the donors of this project for their support.

Yours in free thought,

Bwambale Robert

Good to hear they have their power back and the chickens are okay.  Here are some handy links to get more information on school-related projects and to lend a helping hand!

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Chickens as of November 2nd, 2012.

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