Sunday, 4 November 2012

Eschaton 2012 in Ottawa Canada Is Coming Up! Ancient Mayans Said So!

Popular blogger PZ Myers will be speaking at the event.
So the election is coming up in the United States and it looks like Romney and Obama are pretty much neck to neck.

Natural disasters are one thing.  Global climate change is another.  But what truly could spell the end of the world is a Republican win on Tuesday.  We'll at least that's how it seems to a pinko-Atheist-lefty like me.

Speaking of pinko-Atheist-lefties, there's this event that going to happen in Ottawa, Canada and PZ Myers of Pharyngula blog will be there.

You may remember PZ as the cyber-cephalopod-affection-ado who really gave this blog's Ugandan chicken coop construction fundraiser the boost it needed to succeed.  Well, he'll be attending Eschaton 2012 the last weekend of November in Ottawa.

You see, the world is going to end and PZ Myers will be coming to Ottawa for that.  The Mayans predicted all of this.

The line-up is pretty impressive - especially if you're into reading blogs.  We have the Freethought Blogs crew:

Now before some of you begin thinking our nation's capital will be under attack from the FTB Collective Hive Mind, whatever that is, I'd like to remind you that the most excellent Patheos blogger Vyckie Garrison will also be in attending.

And finally, but by no means leastly, Eugenie Scott!

And these are just the names I recognize.  The complete list of speakers is P.Z. Myers, Ophelia Benson, Chris DiCarlo, Ian Cromwell, Natalie Reed, Udo Schuklenk, Eugenie Scott, Jim Linville, Sara Mayhew, Larry Moran, Vyckie Garrison, Jeffrey Shallit, Eric MacDonald, Ania Bula, Heina Dadabhoy, The Reality Check, Annie Urban, Allan Daoust, Crystal Beauvais Daoust, Anila Asghar, Steven Tomlins, Hank Fox, Alex Demarsh and Paul Beckwith.


Feeling sort of conflicted about spending time with people who did not inherit half your genetic make-up when you have such people legally under your care at your home?  Evolutionary factors got you down about not being able to at least try to save your offspring for total inevitable oblivion?  No problem!  Bring them with you!

Richard Dawkins' Foundation has provided nurturing spaces for your little seedlings at the Children's Place nearby.


Listen, we could be in the final countdown here.  And unlike the cheesy porn movie to the right of this textthere may be no happy ending.  So who would do you want to spend your last few days with?  Exactly!

So buy your tickets now!

... Okay I know.  The Earth is really supposed to end a couple of weeks after the conference.  It's only two extra weeks!  I did it for dramatic effect!


  1. Thank you! This is a great post on Eschaton 2012. I tweeted the info and link.

  2. Thanks Veronica! Looks like Hemand Mehta also promoted the event the very same night. Hope this get's the hype up.

  3. I cannot wait! I was blown away when I came across these ads a couple of months ago. What a lineup!


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