Sunday, 18 November 2012

A Few Quick Sunday Morning Links

Yesterday's post was a long one, even for me.  In fact, someone on Stacy's blog commented:

If I were you I would bill myself as a “rambling novice satirist”.
Part 2 didn’t load.
I was left with no option other than to agree.  When responding to posts about the superiority of Catholicism to a non-Christian view, I cannot help but be verbose.  Besides, I've only been at this blogging thing for not even a year.

So to redress this problem a little here are some quick Sunday morning links.

I'll save the happy news for last, since the first two are rather grim.  Mind you, the first one is good news.  At least the Australians (Atheist PM) are doing something to try to help the children!

Australian PM Announces Nationwide Investigation Into Child Sex Abuse at Religious Institutions

Ms Gillard had been under pressure to act following growing calls for a national inquiry into explosive allegations by a senior New South Wales police investigator that the Catholic Church covered up evidence involving paedophile priests.

W5: The Prophet

Allegations of polygamy, abuse and psychological torture within secretive sect
Carol Christie was 18 when she says her mother, an unstable religious fanatic, drugged and manipulated her into “marrying” a charismatic preacher more than twice her age. His name was Stan King. In the early seventies Stan broke from The Reorganised Church of Latter Day Saints, and established his own fundamentalist Mormon sect. His followers called him The Prophet.
If you are in Canada, you can watch both parts here.

Humanists call for African age of "Enlightenment"

"At a time when the dark and destructive forces of religious fundamentalism and superstition are ravaging the continent, the Ghana conference is a sign of light, hope and renewal," said prominent Nigerian humanist campaigner Leo Igwe.
Link via Bwambale Robert.


  1. Stacy's blog post received 52 comments. I'm envious; that's one of the seven deadly sins I committed today.:)

  2. Thanks for the comment Veronica!

    Envy is a good thing, in my opinion. It's an excellent motivator.

    Stacy's been in the business for awhile I believe. And 52 comments is the difference between a high-traffic blog and my lil' old blog.


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