Tuesday, 23 October 2012

The Letters Are In The Mail!

Proof that the letters I wrote Saturday night aren't still sitting
on my kitchen table.  Note the grafitti in the middle of the
mailbox.  I love Montreal - graffitti everywhere!
Like most people, I have really lousy time-management skills.  So I was going to include this little bit of news alongside the public unveiling of a new project of mine, but... Well, said project is taking up a lot more of my time then it should be allowed to.

I should really hire a team of writers to just write up my ideas for me.  I guarantee you, the pay would be terrible.

This post is to demonstrate that I actually carried through and mailed the two letters in support of Alber Saber on Sunday.  They are whizzing, as quickly as anything whizzes in Canada Post, to my nation's capital.

I'd also like to use this post to thank the Free Alber Saber Facebook page for the wonderful mention!  I'll do my best to support you guys in the future!

Stay tuned to this blog! More is on its way about letters.

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