Monday, 22 October 2012

Swanky Dinner With Sam Harris in Vancouver/Calgary (A Few Tickets)

Sam Harris' Vancouver Appearance.
I was just contacted by Leah Costello, Chief Ideas Curator, at Curious Minds Productions in Vancouver British Columbia and founder of the Vancouver (and Calgary) Bon Mot Book Club.

Here's an extract from the e-mail:
I am hosting Sam Harris next week in Vancouver and then on Tuesday in Calgary, and would love to have some more of his supporters in the audience. This is a very elegant dinner event and Sam is quite costly so I wish that I could offer more as I love what you do, but I would be pleased to extend my "bring a guest for free" offer which essentially makes the tickets $250 each to your followers in these cities.
So this is essentially a BOGO for a really swanky dinner with Sam Harris as the principle speaker.  Again, it's being put on by the Bon Mot Book Club, which is the sort of place you'd find people like Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Kofi Annan!

Leah tells me she has around 20-30 tickets at this rate.

Calgary Appearance.
Vancouver Appearance
October 29, 2012
The Vancouver Club

Calgary Appearance
October 30, 2012
The Petroleum Club

Ticket Cost
Two for $500 (1/2 price)

If you can make it to either and are interested, contact Leah at or 604-922-5324.

I know that if I were at either city I would likely want to go, just for the experience.

Be aware that I hadn't heard of Leah or this book club until now, but it all seems to check out on the web.  Still, I'm just passing the word on and cannot take any responsibility for any unpleasantness that may arise from this.  It checks out okay to me, but do do use your own common sense.

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