Thursday, 11 October 2012

Kasese Humanist Botanical Gardens: Some Veggies To Go Along With Your Eggs?

Seedlings in the bed.
Many of you have been following the Kasese Humanist Primary School Poultry Project where, through your generous donations,  the school was able to build and stock a chicken coop to provide fresh eggs and chicken meat to hungry kids at the school.

Well, now a new initiative has been started up by the Kasese United Humanist Association (KUHA) to create a botanical garden on a six-acre plot to grow, among other things, vegetables for the children to eat and possible resale.  The aim, alongside the poultry project, is to make the school as self-reliant as possible.

Here is the link to the site:

From their About Us page:
The land on which this botanic garden is situated  is approximately 6 acres which was procured by the KUHA Founder Mr.Bwambale Robert. This land is being utilised for modern farming and allowing growth of a number of crops right now benefiting the KUHA School Project. Among the crops grown this season are Beans, Maize, Cassava, Sweet potatos, Mangoes,Oranges, Jack fruit, Avocados, Bananas and ground nuts.
Bwambale standing in the acquired field.
The garden is actually quite a bit larger than it appears in the pictures.  It is located around 200 metres from Muhokya Town along Fort Portal - Mpondwe Highway as you move from Kasese town in western Uganda.

Bwambale and I are already in discussion about ways to make donating to this highly-worthy cause easier for you.  So please stay tuned for further developments on that front.

Meanwhile, there is already a page up for any volunteers should you find yourself near Kasese.  Otherwise, some of the tasks may be feasible remotely, like designing a herbarium.

If you have any technical knowledge of gardening or any of the tasks on the volunteering page I'm certain Bwambale would appreciate guidance.

Do visit the site!  It's exciting news!

As always you can follow my coverage here on the blog.

Magnifera avocados.

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