Wednesday, 19 September 2012

KHPS Poultry Project Update - You Can Help the FBB Help The School For Free!

The final touch.  Bwambale gives the coop a bright 
protective coat of paint.  Apparently the locals almost
never paint coops - so this one will certainly stand out
proudly on the countryside.

I just received an update from Bwambale, the Kasese Humanist Primary School Project Director on their Poultry Project.

Thanks again to all of our donors!  We wouldn't have ever gotten this far without your generosity!

Read down to the bottom of the post to find out how you may be able to help the school indirectly by supporting the Foundation Beyond Belief at no cost to yourself.

Here is an update on the KHPS Poultry Project.

I am informing you that the chicks in the coop are doing fine and growing up gradually.  When I consulted another local chicken breeder, I was told to provide to the chicks multivitamin drugs which I straight away procured.  It's a powdery stuff that I mix with the water I give to the growing chicks and I do the mixing in a recommended proportion.  This drug serves in boosting the immunity of the chicks so that they are in position to withstand diseases. In addition to this the chicken were initially vaccinated from diseases when I purchased them and the next dose for vaccination is due after 3 months.
Receipt for the vitamins.

As for the coop, it's finally painted though I changed color design from orange to light green.  I coated the top and lower coop doors with varnish to protect the wood and at the same time offer a nice looking appearance. The varnish was coated on the outer side of the doors.

Am attaching to this message some photographs of the chicken coop plus some receipts for the donors and well wishers to look at.

Will keep all of you posted in more weeks ahead. Thank you.

You Can Help The Kasese Humanist Primary School For Free!

As I've posted previously, CHASE is running their Community Giving project until 11:59pm today!  Using this program you have the option to vote for the Foundation Beyond Belief, who are actually sponsoring the school this quarter!  Go vote for the Foundation and you could indirectly help the school children.

Click here to visit Hemant Mehta's Friendly Atheist page. He does a good job of explaining how you can help!

You get two votes off the bat.  So while you're there voting for the FBB you can also support Camp Quest who's Chesapeake site recently participated in a letter exchange with the school.  More updates on this upcoming.

So click here to find out how to help the children!

Receipt for the varnish.  There is another as well for a
total of 10,000 UGX.

The completed coop! Looks smart!

The chickens are not expected to provide actual eggs for another couple of months.  But Bwambale will provide updates of the children tending to the chickens and their growth over the coming weeks for all who are interested.

There are a few options for following the progress if you wish:

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