Wednesday, 12 September 2012

KHPS Poultry Project: Two Weeks Since The Chickens Arrived

Student inside the newly constructed Kasese
Humanist Primary School chicken coop.
Here's the latest news from Kasese Humanist Primary School Project Director Bwambale Robert on their Poultry Project.  As I've written before, the coop is now finished and they have acquired some chickens.

Most of the new birds are still chicks so there are no eggs yet.  But the children have begun the very educational task of caring for the young birds over the past week.

Thanks again to all of our donors!  We wouldn't have ever gotten this far without your generosity!

Here's Bwambale's update:

I am updating you on the progress in regard to the chickens at the coop.  They  are all doing okay.   

Receipt for the 50 kg bag of Layers chicken
I am feeding the chickens special feed meant for egg layers.  Last weekend, I procured a 50 kilogram sack of Layers Feed. I have been also advised to buy some multivitamins which I am supposed to add to the feed and water so as to give the chickens some extra appetite for feed.

I bought the curtains for the coop windows and each evening they are pulled down while during the day the they are pushed up to let in fresh air. 

I have not painted the coop yet as I have many scheduled tasks to accomplish but will try to assign a painter to do that work soon.

Students putting feed into the troughs.

The children of KHPS together with the parents of the school are appreciating this innovation and have complemented the nice ideas the school is investing in.  I have always told the parents that this was made possible by funds raised by friends of the school distributed all over the world.

I am attaching a number of recent photos of the chickens inside the top floor of the coop along with a receipt for feed purchase. 

I am also uploading a video of the chicken in top floor with students of KHPS feeding the chickens.

Spreading the chicken feed.

As of now this is all I have in regard to the KHPS Poultry Project. 

Many thanks for everything.

I'll post a link to the video in a separate small post following this one.  Stay tuned!

Inside the coop.
There are a few options for following the progress if you wish:

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