Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Phase Two Kasese Humanist Primary School Poultry Project Update

Wiring the coop.
Here's two short updates from Bwambale Robert on the Kasese Humanist Primary School's Poultry Project.  The main structure has been completed and now it remains to fill it with chickens!  Back in the last post I wrote that the chickens were due to arrive around the 20th.  Well it looks like we may have to wait a little longer for the chickens, but the other accessories are being bought.  Here's Bwambale's report.

August 20th:

Hope all is going on well there. Over the past few days, I have been in Kampala for 2 days attending a workshop and i just returned yesterday evening.

The coop was electrified some days back. This morning we embarked on filling the two floors with chicken wire and sealing off small cracks with mesh wires. These spaces were lying where the floor walls meets the support poles.  After this activity we fixed the chicken wires on all the sides of the wall plate and the roof.  This we do because we want to protect the chicks from rodents and snakes .
Electrical accessories.

We also made feeding troughs and purchased extra feed trough and some 4 drinkers.

My plan today was to procure the chickens but seems like I am supposed to place an order for the chickens, something I am going to do tomorrow 21st August.  I will for the start keep only 60 one-month old chicks. 

This evening I moved to Kinuma Feeds and Poultry Breeders based here in Kasese and they have agreed to supply me with quality chickens but the chicks will be provided to me on 29th this month.

The whole of today, we spent the whole day with Daniel Loving, the volunteer who is still with us here but will be returning home at the end of the month.  Daniel donated three hens to the poultry project and the they are already with us here.  I plan to get some ten indigenous chicks and I keep them in the coop as I wait for the order for the chicks I will be making tomorrow.
Receipt for fifty one-month old chicks to be collected on 
August 28th.

Will keep you posted, Brother, and the donors as a whole in more times to come.

August 21st:

Just informing you that I have placed an order for fifty one month old chicks at a local poultry farm provider.  I will be collecting the chicks on 28th.08.2012.  Attached is a receipt of the transaction.

So the chicken will be here in a week - well chicks.  The children will get to help raising the chicks though, so that should be an educational experience.

Feeding troughs and drinkers.

Chicken feeders and drinkers.

Chicken coop has been electrified.

There are a few options for following the progress if you wish:

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