Friday, 20 July 2012

THANK YOU! from Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda!

Children at the Kasese Humanist Primary School thank ALL donors!
As of an hour or so ago WE HAVE ACHIEVED our goal to fund a chicken coop for the Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda!  As I write this donations are still coming in!  Rest assured that any funds over the target amount will be put to good use and scanned receipts will be provided on this blog.  If you are interested in funding other initiatives at the school I have set up this page.

The project director, Bwambale Robert is very excited and the children are beginning to get excited as well!

I will begin working on getting phase one funds to Bwambale over the weekend and hopefully he'll get them by mid next week.  I got this from him in an excited e-mail:
So grateful at the rate how donations are coming in and it remains now my obligation to make the dreams of many to reality! Well upon receipt of phase 1 funds, am ready even to begin construction.
Bwambale also sent me some Thank You pictures this morning to go along with today's Friday Thank-You Shout-Out! The above photo is a thank-you for everyone who donated to the cause, especially to those who gave early on when progress was very slow.  A really big thank you to everyone!

Total Pharyngulation

Yesterday, I e-mailed blogger PZ Myers asking if he could put the word out for us on his very popular blog Pharyngula.  He came through with a wonderful post, even to the distraction of a very worthwhile fundraising competition with other popular bloggers he's doing for Camp Quest.  Well, if he does lose I hope he will at least know how appreciated his action is by the school.  Maybe this picture will make him feel better?

Thank you PZ Myers and all the Pharyngula readers who donated or passed the word on to others!

Of course, it's really the readers of Pharyngula that brought forth the Pharyngulation Effect which effectively brought us to our goal in a matter of a day!  To be honest, their huge generosity caught me a little off guard and has greatly inspired me and greatly renews my faith in humanity.

There was also an anonymous sponsor who pledged to match up to $400 of the donations up to the end of the month.  They donated the $400 in full yesterday!  Thank you! Thank you!

Here is what I think is a complete list of donors.  I have tried to e-mail each of you asking whether you would like to be listed and what information you are okay with me posting vis a vis your full name and the amount of the donation.  If I didn't get a response in time (or lost it in my e-mail) I left only the first name and general region.  In the interest of saving space, time and sanity I have decided to skip posting the actual dollar amounts.  Instead I shall use symbols.  I think this is fair and respectful to everyone.

! = $50 to $99
!! = $100 to $199
!!! = $200 or more

The donors are listed in the order which I received their donations.  Some donors donated more than once.  In this case I have simply listed the first donation. Thank you to all the donors!  Every amount counts!

Michel (QC,Canada)
Adriana (NY,USA)
Paul Chiariello (NJ,USA)
Mary Bellamy (!!!)(VA,USA)
Anne (WA,USA)
Sophie Brennan (!)(NJ,USA)
Kelly Johnson (QC,CANADA)
Mikael Haglund (SWEDEN)
Mya Riemer (!)(VA,USA)
Sarah Llewellyn (UK)
Emma (UK)
InfraredEyes (MA,USA)
Susan Bovair (CT,USA)
Timothy Finch (CO,USA)
Donna (CA,USA)
Ha Nguyen (!!)(WA,USA)
Andrew Beaton (ON,CANADA)
Sandra Tomlinson (AB,CANADA)
Joseph Geiger (IL,USA)
Thomas Nordin (HI,USA)
Rhiannon Boettcher (OR,USA)
John Busse (IL,USA)
Charles McCullough (NV,USA)
Terri Lupo (OR,USA)
Brian Murtagh (SC,USA)
Camille Miller (MN,USA)
Felicity Kusinitz (MA,USA)
Nancy Newhouse (MD,USA)
Lee Yan Quan (SINGAPORE)
Jeremie Choquette (!)(ON,CANADA)
Kari Agnete Sorensen (NORWAY)
Alissa Manfre (NC,USA)
Steve Croker (IL,USA)
Eneasz Brodski (CO,USA)
Peter (DC,USA)
Evan (WA,USA)
James Wisniewski (!!!)(CT,USA)
John (UK)
Jan Budka (UK)
    Anonymous (UK)
Chas Becht (!!!)
Adam Chadwick (UK)
Thomas Canfield (PA,USA)
William (MA,USA)
Marius (!)(LA,USA)
Wilson Fowlie (BC,CANADA)
Chris (NY,USA)
Benjamin (NY,USA)
Jeanette (AL,USA)
Carol (CO,USA)
Michael Waters (NJ,USA)
Nicholas (UK)
Fiona Wallace (AUSTRALIA)
Jessica (!)(AUSTRALIA)
Randy Brown (FL,USA)
Marianna Kleyman (NH,USA)
James (MI,USA)
Jenea Hayes (CA,USA)
Kayla (AL,USA)
Karin Breuer (BC,CANADA)
Maxine Levine (ON,CANADA)
Sandrine Duarte (CA,USA)
Cynthya Petzen (IN,USA)
Todd (CA,USA)
Andrew Crawford (UK)
Matt O'Rourke (AUSTRALIA)
Gregory Marsh (MD,USA)
Martin (!!)(CZECH REP)
Jill (PA,USA)
Veronica Abbass (ON,CANADA)
Jason Williams (NB,CANADA)
Ms M Harris (UK)
Greg Burnett (MN,USA)
Debbie (!)(QC,CANADA)

If your name is missing or shows up incorrectly, please contact me at and I'll get it fixed in a jiffy!  I apologize if you didn't make the cut-off.  Depending on the numbers I may either extend this post or add a new thank-you post in the future.

I will continue blogging about this project and give status updates!  You are of course welcome to follow my blog or you may just subscribe to updates concerning this project by using this RSS feed:

Thanks everyone again!


  1. Thank you for providing me the chance to contribute! Good luck to all the kids!!

  2. This is so cool...a person uses his blog posting and so many respond to a real need so fast, so completely...I didn't give..yet, but the response gives me so much...and lets others help themselves...

  3. thank you for posting

  4. Thanks so much for you comment!


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