Friday, 13 July 2012

Help build a chicken coop for students of Kasese Humanist Primary School in Uganda!

Picture of proposed chicken coop for the Kasese Humanist
Primary School in Uganda.
Over the last few weeks I've been working with Bwambale Robert, the project director of the Kasese Primary Humanist School in Uganda on a way to get more nutritious meals to their young students. Bwambale suggested building a chicken coop on the school property to provide eggs for the school and perhaps even the surrounding area sometime in the future.

We'll I'm pleased to announce the launch of a two-phase project to get a large secure coop built on the school!  Chickens mean eggs.  Eggs mean better fed brains.  Better fed brains can be taught good logical reasoning skills and how to be good sceptics. But to get started we need your help!

For more information on the school: Kasese Primary Humanist School

Phase one is getting the coop built - there's no point in buying chickens until you get the coop.  Phase two will be buying the chickens along with tools and services to maintain the coop.  We need to raise the funds to start on phase one.

Bwambale has provided me with his best cost predictions based on the market prices in Kasese.

Click here:  Kasese Humanist Primary School Chicken Coop Project - Phase One: Construction

I've rounded the cost up to $1,200 to cover unforeseen expenses.  Any unused funds will go directly to phase two.

Editors Note (July 20, 2012): We've met our goal!  The fundraiser has ended!  Thank you everyone! Click here for a Thank You from the School!

Please pitch in what you can!  Every cent counts!  Again, you can read about the school here.

On the blog I shall provide receipts of major expenses to prove the money is being put to good use. There will also be regular reports on this blog with photographs documenting progress.

Any unused money from phase one will be diverted directly to phase two. If there should be any additional money left over after phase two, it will be used for the continued upkeep of the coop (e.g. chicken feed).

I am also not at all ashamed to do big thank-you shout-outs to any donors of substantial amounts either!

Thank you!

Follow all the posts about this fundraiser: here!


  1. To all the donors of this valuable project,
    I appreciate your donations towards the construction of the chicken coop. When we have it in place at the school then our chicken we intend to possess will have a better shelter.
    I appeal to those who have not donated to try and give in any amount such that after September 1st we start the construction. Many thanks. Yours in the Humanist Fraternity,Bwambale Robert (School Director KHPS, Uganda)

  2. Thanks for the comment Bwambale!

    Just a note to everyone reading that you may read all updates concerning this project by visiting this link:

    You will always find the Chipin for the fundraiser on the right-side bar of this blog. Please donate if you can!

  3. I got here from the link on Pharyngula. I'd love to help out, but I'm having some trouble with the flash widgit thing (from chipin?). I'm on a linux box at work. When I get home I'll see if I can borrow my roommate's windows box for a bit. It'd be nice if there was a simple link to follow to donate though, instead of a bunch of flash-based hoops to jump through. Maybe I missed something somewhere.

    1. Hi Chas,

      I believe you can do a paypal directly to

      In the end, this is where the Chipin widget would bring you.

      Thanks so much!

      - GP

    2. PS: I work with Centos at work, but I need Windows for my workstation. It's a shame.

    3. Donation sent directly with paypal. I'll check on it when I get home just to be sure. If for whatever reason (widget showing progress, other donor matching funds, etc) you change your mind and want that done a different way, feel free to email me and we'll work it out. (Sorry for the paranoia, I always get nervous that something will go awry when I'm using some electronic system in a not-entirely-intended way.)

    4. Chas,

      Thanks so much for your generous donation! I can confirm the donation has made it to the Kasese paypal. Thanks again!

      - GP

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