Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Toronto transit authorities refuse to take down Muslim ad

Picture from Toronto Sun: 
Well, it's the war of the subway signs again, this time in Toronto. Well it's big news for the Toronto Sun anyway.

It seems like a Muslim group put up some adverts in the subway stations proclaiming that there is no god but Allah Muhammad is His messenger.  Seems like the sort of thing a Muslim would have to say to me.

Well, much like when the Atheist There's Probably No God.  Now Stop Worrying and Enjoy Your Life poster campaign sparked great consternation among people of religion, this advert is upsetting some people - who get offended when other people tell them they're wrong.

Well the Hindus are finding these posters offensive:
Banerjee claimed the ads are hurtful to Hindus and his group will be handing out anti-Muslim flyers outside the TTC.

“This ad has to be pulled because it is offensive to Hindus,” he said. “The TTC must recognize all religious groups.”
Canadian Christian College vowed yesterday
they would put this sign up in the Toronto
subway as a direct response to the Muslim ad.
Picture from Toronto Sun: 
The Toronto Transit Commission is standing by its guns on this one and defending their decision to allow the advert to run after several complaints.

As a direct retaliation, the Canadian Christian College vows to put up an ad of it's own.  Of course Christian themed ads have been running in the subways in Toronto since 2006.  Hemant Mehta covers it in his blog Friendly Atheist.

Christian subway advert in Toronto.  Also allowed to run
on the Toronto subways.  Read about it at the
Friendly Atheist Blog here.  These ads have been allowed
on the subways since 2006.

Although if I lived in Toronto I'd prefer not to see any of these in the subway, I do admit that the TTC is at least being fair and I don't think there's anything stopping the Hindus from putting up their own ads.  If anything, I suppose it drums up more placard sales for the TTC.

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  1. It is time that CFI gets going on their Extraordinary Claims Billboard campaign they started over a year ago!

    1. I still think they should make novelty money like Ray Comfort's ministry. Rather than tracts they would be novelty notes featuring pictures of and quotes from Freethinkers.


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