Tuesday, 24 April 2012

South Korean Enemy #1: Lady Gaga

Nevermind crazy pseudo-theocratic North Korean regimes that wish to invade them using incursion tunnels.  Nevermind that this extremely isolationist rogue state has nukes and rocketry advanced enough to deliver certain nuclear incineration death anywhere in their country.

Some South Korean Christians know that the real threat to their very civilization wears a leotard, designed by Georgio Armani, that strikes the right note with three guitars on the body and a giant keyboard hat. (Click on the link to see some of these hilarious costumes that spell certain doom for morality.)

Christian churches in South Korea have launched a major campaign trying to ban the Lady Gaga concert set to take place later this week. So far they've managed to convince the government to put an 18+ age restriction on the concert.
One of the prayer rally's organizers told the AFP that he hopes to cancel the show so that "homosexuality and pornography will not spread around the country." Likewise, the Korean Association of Church Communication pledged to stop Korean youth from being "infected with homosexuality and pornography."
See the rest of this Huffington Post article here: South Koreans v. Lady Gaga: Conservative Christians Pray Singer's Concert Doesn't Happen

If they're praying shouldn't that be enough?  Apparently they also feel the need to put up posters as well.  Does God require posters to get the message?

The Huffington Post article includes a great photo
gallery.  Click here to see it. 

Let's see if all this prayer actually works!  Hmmmm... I wonder if it will.

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