Wednesday, 25 April 2012

More On Catholic School Pushing Politics On Students In Mississauga

A quick update on my previous post Mississauga Catholic School Teachers Pushing Their Political Agenda Onto Kids.  Well, as could be expected, some students are saying they were coerced into signing the petition.  
A national secular group has charged that students at a Toronto-area high school have been “coerced” into signing an anti-abortion petition — an allegation the Catholic school board denies. 
“Having students learn about their faith is one thing, coercing them into supporting a Bill in the House of Commons is another,” said Michael Payton, national executive director of Centre for Inquiry Canada, a Toronto-based atheist group.
Read article here: High school students forced to sign anti-abortion petition, group says

Is this really surprising?  If your teacher - person who represents authority - introduces a petition to the class and others in the class sign it - there is pressure there.

Although I have problems with the Church being publicly funded to teach its religion to children, it's in the constitution so there is not much that can be done about it right now (other than changing it!).  But when they start actively pushing a political viewpoint by shoving petitions in students faces - more or less handing them the pen and telling them to sign - well then they cross a line.

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