Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Mississauga Catholic School Teachers Pushing Their Political Agenda Onto Kids

The line between church and state got blurred by the Catholics again.  This time by teachers in Mississauga Ontario who decided to try and coerce their students into supporting Motion 312 in the Canadian Parliament.
All teachers at St. Joseph Secondary School got an email last week from an unidentified teacher asking teachers and students to support a Life Canada petition for Motion 312, a proposal from Stephen Woodworth, MP for Kitchener Centre that could lead to criminalizing abortion. 
At least four teachers brought the petition to their students reported Xtra!, Canada’s gay and lesbian news outlet which broke the story Saturday.
What?  This is a Catholic school so it should be allowed to teach or promote Rome's own dogmatic views on politics and social policy?  Okay, in that case please stop taking taxpayers' money then you can teach what you like as long as it follows provincial curriculum.

The Canadian Secular Alliance (CSA) is responding in a big way (much like the FFRF in the States, actually.)  Except I don't believe any litigation is involved.
But secular groups say this should not happen in publicly-funded institutions.“We’re pretty offended by it,” said Greg Oliver, president of the Canadian Secular Alliance, a group that supports separation of church and state. “It just raises the question again: is this the sort of thing that taxpayers should be funding?
This is on the heels of the CSA's push to get federal funding pulled for charities who's sole purpose is to spread their religion.

The article concludes with a comment from a pro-life (I love the way that moniker implies that everyone else does not love life) advocate:
But Mary Ellen Douglas, Ontario president of the Campaign Life Coalition says teachers in Catholic schools should be encouraging students to take action in keeping with their Catholic values. 
“This is the moral issue of the century,” she said. “I’d be surprised if they didn’t do this.”
Right, but I think the majority of Canadians would not want this fight fought with their tax money.  I certainly do not.  Use your own money. Take a look at this poll result from the same article on CSA's push to de-fund religious-only charities:
Government financial support to religion is increasingly unpopular. In a September 2010 Ipsos Reid poll, 64% of Canadians agreed "religious beliefs promote intolerance, exacerbate ethnic divisions and impede social progress."
Yes! On your own dime please!

Read the whole story here: Catholic teachers under fire for promoting pro-life motion to students

EDIT: More developments on this story here: More On Catholic School Pushing Politics On Students In Mississauga


  1. Perfect. Well done.

  2. Canadian Atheist, eh!10 May 2013 at 13:18

    Followed your link from Friendly Atheist. Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with this post. All I was saying over there is Hemant is wrong that this is about "real education." I think he's let his rightful concerns with what frequently goes on in American public schools cloud his thinking about Canadian schools, with which he probably has no actual experience. It's a problem with the tax code, not with education as such.

  3. GodlessPoutine13 May 2013 at 22:27


  4. GodlessPoutine13 May 2013 at 22:30

    Thanks for your comment. Yes, if I understand you correctly, I would agree. I have a problem with public funds going to Catholic and religious schools, but I don't have a problem with them teaching their nonsense on the private dime - but I do feel sorry for the children. On second thought, I do agree that our public (secular) schools up here simply do not suffer from the same invasion of religion as has infiltrated schools down south - at least from personal experience... I don't know if the "Good News Club" is making inroads up here or not.


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